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In-home Family Photography Session

January 22, 2023

children running and playing in home with mother behind family photography session

Why choose an in-home family photography session?

In-home family photography sessions can be so beautiful and natural. They give you the time and space to ‘just be’ with each other in a natural and authentic way. My favorite part of in-home sessions is the ability to incorporate daily activities such as cooking, reading stories, or playing in the garden. Allowing children to be themselves in a comfortable setting can also bring out their true personalities. If you want to know more about what an in-home session with your family could look like, get in touch!

Capturing authentic emotion and connection

My goal of every family session is to capture those genuine, authentic moments between you and your loved ones. I am not just looking to create a portrait for your next Christmas card, I want you to look back at these images years from now and truly feel them. I will capture the little details like the way your little one sucks their thumb, the little hand dimples, your little ones climbing the tree in your backyard, and the loving gaze that they give you when you are reading them a story. These are the memories that you want to remember for years to come. During an in-home family photography session, I will also capture little details such as your little one’s favorite stuffed animal (mine calls his ‘Bunbun’), or the painting that has been passed down for generations. These memories deserve to be captured for you to look back on for years to come.

Activity ideas for your upcoming In-home family session

Are you unsure of the type of activities to plan during your upcoming session? The options are endless! Firstly, think about the activities that you do naturally together on a daily basis. Do you make breakfast or dinner together? Do you bake cookies or play playdough? What are some of the outdoor activities that you do at home together? From gardening, to reading stories, playing the piano, to brushing your little one’s teeth before bed; any activity can be captured beautifully to truly capture your family as they are. If an in-home session isn’t right for you, we can even plan some fun activities at your next outdoor session!

Do you need some guidance for styling your upcoming family session? Check out my blog post ‘What to wear for your family photography session’.

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